Fireworks, Pools, and Gymnastics in July

By Mom | October 6, 2010

This summer I decided to take Grace out of preschool so that we could spend more time with family and save money as well. Grace was excited to start off her summer vacation with Independence Day. We invited some family and friends over for a bbq at our house. Grace knows how to party!
JuneJuly2010 261

So does her brother Cole.
JuneJuly2010 256

July 4th also happens to be Uncle Shane’s birthday. Aunt Cara made him a special cake to celebrate.
JuneJuly2010 252

Finally it was time for some fireworks. Those kids waited so long. Grace was ready with her fireworks gear.
JuneJuly2010 263

We walked to the college nearby to watch the show. It was a little chilly outside, can you tell? Don’t worry, that hobo was just Uncle Shane freezing to death.
JuneJuly2010 270

The kids sure enjoyed watching the firework show. But I think what they really enjoyed was just snuggling and giggling on the blanket.
JuneJuly2010 283

July was also when Cole turned the big 2. We celebrated it in Orange County with Grace’s grandparents, Papa and Yaya. We spent the time before the party just hanging out. Grace and Cole love to visit their great-grandma Dorothy because she has bunnies hopping around outside. Cole is searching hard for one.
JuneJuly2010 345

It also happened to be one of the hottest weekends in July so we ate dinner outdoors under shade a lot. It was probably cooler in the air conditioned house but Grace wanted to eat outside.
JuneJuly2010 325

We also went to the Fullerton farmer’s market where Grace got her face painted. What a pretty butterfly!
JuneJuly2010 353

There was also a pony ride. Grace couldn’t pass this up.
JuneJuly2010 354

We also visited Grace’s grandma Minnie and her cousin Navaeh. They moved to a new house that has a pool so the kids had a blast splashing around. Good thing because it was over 100 degrees out that day. Yikes!
JuneJuly2010 374

Cole only wanted Mommy to swim with him. Silly little boy.
JuneJuly2010 361

During another visit to Fullerton Grace and Cole got to try out Cole’s new Buzz Lightyear sprinkler. 5,4,3,2,1……
August2010 002

Blast off!
August2010 004

As if this post wasn’t long enough, I must tell you about Grace’s gymnastics class. She started a class with her friend Ava. They both have matching leotards. Too cute.
August2010 016

Grace looked forward to this class each week. They did different things every time. Like backbends. (Sorry, dark photo, crappy camera)
August2010 024

And testing their arm strength.
August2010 036

And crab walks.
August2010 033

Cole and baby Mila hung out on the sidelines getting into everything.
August2010 022

Well, we’re all exhausted from this busy month. Time to relax in our overgrown backyard. Would it kill you Dan to mow the lawn once in a while! 😉
August2010 049

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June 2010

By Mom | September 8, 2010

Gracie had a fun start to her summer vacation. Like her brother Cole, she got to attend her cousin Madeline’s birthday party. She had a cute puppy dog theme including a giant puppy dog jumper that Grace couldn’t wait to go crazy in.
EarlyJune2010 220

There was also a water gun game that the kids got to play. The winner was the first one to fill up the doggy water bowl.
EarlyJune2010 237

And of course the puppy pinata. Grace wasn’t shy this time. She waited patiently for her turn to whack the puppy.
EarlyJune2010 255

At the space shuttle park Grace went to her favorite play spot…..the swings.
EarlyJune2010 283

She also gathered her courage to climb the airplane wing. This can’t be safe.
EarlyJune2010 290

Where is she now?
EarlyJune2010 301

In the space shuttle!
EarlyJune2010 281

Guess who also came back from her long vacation? Grace’s best friend Ava. She was soooo excited to have a play date at the beach with her friend.
EarlyJune2010 334

Just like old times.
EarlyJune2010 348

On Father’s Day, Grace and her cousins made crafts for their daddies.
JuneJuly2010 011

She made a super cool drink koozie for her daddy.
JuneJuly2010 009

Looks like daddy loves it.
JuneJuly2010 027

After Father’s Day we were off to a small camping trip at the beach. Grace was happy to know that her friends Ava, Mila, Briar, and Eli were going to be there too. Here they are watching the waves with their floaties on. Safety first!
JuneJuly2010 069

The kids made some pretty cool structures with all the rocks there. Grace is very proud of her little city.
JuneJuly2010 086

The next day was another beach day. Looks like the kids stayed up too late the night before.
JuneJuly2010 099

The kids like the beach but not going into the water. They only like it when daddy is by there side to hold their hands.
JuneJuly2010 123

We ended June with Gracie’s Pre-K graduation. Although she has one more year before kindergarten and wasn’t actually graduating, she got to participate with the other kids. Grace was one of the first ones to come out.
JuneJuly2010 131

Here she is receiving her “diploma” from Mr. Ben.
JuneJuly2010 140

If anything, this was good practice for next year when she really graduates preschool.
JuneJuly2010 154

To save some money and to spend more time with Grace, I decided to keep her out of school for the summer. Here she is enjoying her first Monday at home with Mommy and Cole. Oh boy, we’ve got a long summer ahead of us.
JuneJuly2010 201

See you real soon!
JuneJuly2010 168

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Easter Egg Hunt and Princess Dresses

By Mom | May 20, 2010

Hey Grace! Cole told me what he got from the Easter bunny. What did he bring you this year? Awesome, a hula hoop. That Easter bunny sure knows his stuff.
MarchApril2010 235

Papa and Yaya are pretty good too when it comes to gifts. That Scooby Doo lunch box is groovy.
MarchApril2010 240

Grace looked so beautiful this year in her princess Easter dress.  When she spotted it at Target she just knew it was “The One”.  I guess my days of picking out her outfits are long gone.  Luckily for me she picked a gorgeous dress perfect for a princess. (By the way, I don’t ask her to pose like this. It’s all her.)
MarchApril2010 248

At the party, all the kids gathered around the gigantic chocolate bunny Carson had won from a raffle. They were all calling dibs on what body part they wanted.
MarchApril2010 264

Finally the egg hunt. Grace did a great job searching for eggs. She’s still a little too polite when it came to competing with her cousins. She wasn’t very aggressive. Luckily, we cap the number of eggs each kid can get and when they find their allotted amount, they can help the other cousins with theirs. There’s lots of team work.
MarchApril2010 289

Find those eggs Grace and Emily!
MarchApril2010 303

I see a long friendship with these two. They are like two peas in a pod.
MarchApril2010 329

After the egg hunt the kids got to open the gifts from the family. As usual, it’s like Christmas in April.
MarchApril2010 324

It was a long day. Grace is already busy daydreaming about next year.
MarchApril2010 346

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Marble Eggs

By Mom | May 19, 2010

What does a 4 year old do first when preparing for Easter? That’s right, color lots of eggs. Grace helped out with preparing the color cups.
MarchApril2010 134

She was super careful when she dropped the eggs into the color cups. No breaks.
MarchApril2010 139

After dropping in the eggs she waited patiently for them to be perfectly colored.  Here she is asking me “Are they ready yet?”.
MarchApril2010 138

Time to scoop them out. What a beautiful color Grace.
MarchApril2010 140

We added some vegetable oil to some of the color cups to make a marble effect. Her eggs turned out so cool.
MarchApril2010 142

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Kiss Me I’m 1/16th Irish

By Mom | May 2, 2010

Last month Grace’s school had a St. Patty’s Day party for the kids. It was also a classmate’s birthday so her parents had a birthday party there too. What a great idea. I just might do that for Grace this year.

Grace took a picture with some of her classmates, including the birthday girl.
March2010 391

They first sat down for the party snacks including lots of green goodies.
March2010 403

Then more pictures with friends. This time it was girls only.
March2010 413

After the food, it was time for the pinata. Mr. Ben gathered all the kids to explain the rules of hitting the pinata.
March2010 419

Each kid waited patiently for their name to be called out for their turn at the pinata.
March2010 422

Finally it was Grace’s turn. She’s finally gotten over her fear of hitting pinatas. Not sure why, but before she wouldn’t come near the things. I guess she doesn’t like being center of attention like her Mommy.
March2010 427

Why is Cole so sad?
March2010 436

Because he couldn’t partake in the jump house fun. There were so many kids in that thing I was afraid for his life.
March2010 448

All that jumping made Grace super thirsty. Time for a water break. See ya!
March2010 386

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Hopscotch, Monkey Bars, and Hula Hoops

By Mom | April 22, 2010

Those three things are Grace’s new obsessions.  She absolutely loves playing hopscotch with anyone who will join her.  One rainy afternoon Daddy created a hopscotch template for her in our house using masking tape.
March2010 104

Grace was in heaven.
March2010 106

Cole joined in on the fun too. He just liked all the jumping.
March2010 108

She’s also learning how to use the monkey bars at the playground. For months she’s been studying the big girls who use them and their technique. Finally she got the nerve to try. After a few attempts she got the hang of it.
MarchApril2010 130

She’s a pro now.
MarchApril2010 122

Ah yes. The good old fashioned hula hoop. Boy is she facinated with this one. While at a classmate’s birthday party she got the chance to give it a try. She’s a little stiff and actually looks so funny doing it but she tries. Sweet thing.
MarchApril2010 061

My little girl is growing up so fast. What’s next on her agenda?
March2010 049

To be a prima ballerina!
March2010 100

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Pic-i-nic Party

By Mom | March 19, 2010

Hey Boo-boo. It’s a pic-i-nic party with Papa and Yaya.
Feb2010 271

It’s a goodly bunch having lunch.
Feb2010 279

It’s cookie time. Down the hatch, but natch.
Feb2010 287

Ok, those were some Yogi Bear quotes but we really did have a picnic party with Yaya and Papa in Ventura. It was a beautiful day outside perfect for a pic-i-nic. After lunch Grace grabbed a cookie and sat under a tree to eat it in peace. Priceless.
Feb2010 282

Later on, we went to the only German restaurant in Ventura, Old Vienna. This time it wasn’t during Oktoberfest so the prices were more reasonable. Grace was cuckoo for the schnitzel.
Feb2010 297

And so was Cole.
Feb2010 296

See you at the next pic-i-nic party.
Feb2010 267

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Annual Passes Rock!

By Mom | March 9, 2010

We recently went to Disneyland again to take advantage of our passes.  It was a spur of the moment trip this time.  We planned to cover the areas we didn’t make to last time like Critter Country and Tomorrowland. The highlight of this trip was that Grace got to meet a few characters. She’s always been freaked out by them in the past. But this time I convinced her to take pictures with them because told her the secret. They are just people in costumes!

She first got to meet Pooh Bear and friends.
Feb2010 400

We then headed over to Tinkerbell’s home. First Grace got to meet Fawn, Tinkerbell’s friend.
Feb2010 426

Finally she met Tinkerbell. Grace thought her house was totally awesome.
Feb2010 429

Sadly, it only dawned on me to get Grace an autograph book before we left. We’ll just have to visit them again real soon. Thank goodness for those passes.

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You are Sweet, Valentine

By Mom | March 8, 2010

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day was last month.  Grace didn’t really understand the concept that it’s a made-up holiday named after a Saint that no one really knows much about but who cares.  You get lots of hearts, candy, and love.

She was really looking forward to making her friends at school Valentine cards.  She’s still in love with Scooby Doo so Scooby valentines it was.
Feb2010 149

She did most of the work including writing her name.
Feb2010 146

At her school they had their Valentine’s party the Friday before. Grace got to stay at school a little later that day and take a nap there so she could attend the party. They always include Cole too which I think is very thoughtful.
Feb2010 177

The kids are enjoying all their treats.
Feb2010 181

On Valentine’s Day, the kids woke up to their special surpises. Grace just loves her candy lipstick.
Feb2010 235

It was such a beautiful day that day so we knew we had to go for a walk at the beach.
Feb2010 253

During our walk along the pier I told Grace that we would be walking over the ocean. She couldn’t stop staring down between the planks.
Feb2010 257

Eventually she got the nerve to peek over the side to see the water.
Feb2010 262

You are sweet, Valentine.
Feb2010 159

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Fuzzy the Bear

By Mom | March 1, 2010

For Grace’s birthday she received a Build-A-Bear gift card.  We recently took her to find and build her very own stuffed bear.

After looking at their huge selection of animals, she picked this fuzzy pink bear. But it still needed to be stuffed.

Off to the stuffing station. There she helped the worker stuff the bear by pushing the machine’s pedal.

The bear needs a heart so Grace kisses it for luck and lots of love.

The bear was all stuffed but needed a bath.

After searching through many many bear outfits, Grace found one that was just right. Here she is dressing her bear in the dressing room.

This outfit is looking cuter and cuter.

After we dressed her we took her to the computer to name her and print out her birth certificate. Introducing Fuzzy the Bear.

Fuzzy even has her very own house.

Oh, and Grace wanted to show you that Fuzzy has panties with a hole for her tail and her beautiful silver shoes. Ta Ta for now.

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