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May & June 2007

By Mom | June 25, 2007

The year is flying by so fast and it’s hard to believe it’s already June. Summer is here and we’re all looking forward to taking Gracie on some fun adventures. Here a few pictures of Grace these past two months.

We’ve noticed that when Grace concentrates, she sticks out her tongue. So funny.

It’s 80 degrees outside but Grace still wants to cuddle with all her blankies.

Recently we went to San Luis Obispo for our friend Michael’s graduation. Grace was unbelievably good for the 3 hour ceremony. Here she is reading the program to see how many more boring speeches there will be. Notice the program is upside down 😉

Ok. Maybe she wasn’t that happy to be there.

Here’s a picture of Grace with her friend Teddy who is also not potty trained yet.

It’s been over a month since Mother’s Day but here’s what Grace & Daddy gave me. It has Grace’s hand prints on each side and painted with love by Daddy.

And finally, here’s Gracie showing us her diva pose. She loves to walk around the house in Mommy’s shoes.

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