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I’m just a girl.

By Mom | September 17, 2008

Gracie has definitely turned into a girlie girl these days.  Her life revolves around princesses, Dora, and taking care of her babies.  She loves to dress up in her high heels that Nicole gave her and push her doll, Angelica, around the house.  Here she is all dolled up going grocery shopping.

Last weekend was a big weekend for Grace.  We took her to Rainbow Kids for her first “professional” haircut.  It wasn’t her actual first haircut because Mommy cut her bangs a while back to get the hair out of her face.  We were debating on whether or not to cut her bangs again or grow them out.  I was so tired of her looking upwards because she couldn’t see so we took her to Rainbow Kids.  We documented her trip.  At first she was very apprehensive.  She didn’t want to go with the stylist to the chair.  After much coaxing, she made it in the chair.  Her face tells it all.

Do I see a little smile?  She eventually relaxed and enjoyed the pampering.

She even got a blow dry.

Here she is all pretty with ribbons and flowers in her hair.

Grace also received a fairy wing set from Yaya.  She loved dancing around the house naked with just her wings, tutu and undies on.

While were at Yaya and Papa’s house she also got to play with Aunt Cara’s old Cabbage Patch kid dolls.  And boy did she have a lot.  Grace really loved dressing them up in different outfits.  Oh wait, is that Cole in there pretending to be a Cabbage Patch doll too?

We also got to celebrate cousin Carson’s 5th birthday over the weekend as well.  They had a super water slide in the back yard and Grace and Daddy really enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards, we ate yummy birthday cake.  Here is Grace not being so girlie girl here with her lovely black smile.

See ya next time…..

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