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Little Shopper and Grace’s First Barbie

By Mom | October 1, 2008

Grace has been a tremendous help when it comes to going grocery shopping with me and Cole.  She loves to hang onto the cart while I push it around (I know, not the safest).  Last week she wanted to help pick out foods for her own little kitchen so she brought along her basket and her miniture sized kiddie food.  The checkout people at Vons got a kick out of seeing Grace’s miniture Hamburger Helper.

I know, it’s blurry but it’s dark in the grocery store and I looked ridiculous with a camera inside Vons so I had to rush the shots.

Grace also got to spend some good quality time with her friend Ava.  They love playing dress up but really love playing “scary monster coming, let’s hide in the tent”.

After being scared by scary monster Ava’s daddy, it was time for tea for Princess Grace and Princess Ava.

Grace accompanied me and Cole to his 2 month check up and shots.  Here she is trying to illustrate to Cole how big the needle is going to be.  Thanks big sister for the support.

Last weekend we got a lovely visit from Papa and Yaya.  They ended up buying Grace her very first Barbie.  Grace picked it out herself.  It’s actually lifeguard Barbie and two little girls who are learning to swim. 

As I posted in Cole’s blog we switched rooms with Grace and now they share the bigger room.  Unfortunately Dan and I can’t sleep in a pink striped room so we took some last pictures of the mural painted by our friend Camille.  I hope to take the pictures and make something special for Grace to have as a keepsake. Bye Grace mural.

Here’s Grace and her new friend Happy the Jellyfish (another gift from Papa and Yaya).

Well it’s time to go.  As Grace would put it, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. 

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