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Daycare Part Deux

By Mom | November 21, 2008

I already posted how Grace and Cole started daycare on Cole’s blog but I wanted to share a little bit about how she’s adjusting.  Since June, she’s been at home with me while I am on maternity leave.  It’s was so much fun spending time with just her before Cole was born and also spending time with the both of them now.  It’s an experience I don’t think I’ll ever get again unless we hit the jackpot and I can stay at home for good.  But I am also glad Grace is now attending daycare/preschool. 

Her first few days were rough for her.  She had to adjust to a new environment, new friends, and new caretakers.  She would cry before naptime saying “I want my Mommy”.  I know, very heartbreaking.  I also had a hard time dropping her off in the morning.  Eventually though, as she befriended more classmates, it got easier for her to say, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya” again to me as we said our goodbyes in the morning.

She’s even taking naps here and there…..

I was able to get one picture on her first day there.  She looked happy to see me.  Or happy to be leaving.

She also made an art project on her first day.  Too cute.  All day she was saying, look at my eyes.  Googly eyes, she meant.


In other news, recently, I re-introduced Grace’s bathtub crayons to her.  Before, she was still too small to handle them and made a big mess.  I know, that’s the point but it was too big of a mess to clean up.  Now, she pretends to write the alphabet or her name on the tub. 

Every now and then, you’ll see some actual letters pop up in her artwork.  Completely unintentional, of course.

We also got to spend time in Orange County celebrating Cousin Taylor’s birthday.  She turned the big 7.  Grace enjoyed playing with her toys and playing dress up.

Grace and Taylor are doing Grace’s favorite word, “teeter totter”. 

That’s all for now.  Grace says quit staring at her, take a picture, it’ll last longer.  Bye bye. 

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