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Dear Santa,

By Mom | January 1, 2009

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for a wonderful Christmas.  December is my favorite month.  My mommy let me decorate the tree.  I love to hang all the ornaments on one tree branch.

I also got to help Mommy make our stockings by writing our names on them with glitter and hanging them on the mantel.  There’s one for each member of our family, Daddy, Mommy, Me, Cole, Molly, Wookie, and Lola.

I also got to pose with my brother Cole for Christmas cards.  I love santa hats.  So does Cole.

At pre-school, I made a reindeer hat made with my hand print and a decorated a ginger bread man cookie.  Yummy!

I also had a Christmas party at school.  Here I’m sitting next to my friend Brooklyn.  I know Brooklyn from my old daycare.  I’m glad she’s here too.

Here’s another picture of us at out party.

I also made Mommy & Daddy a gift.  It’s a ginger bread Gracie!

The night before Christmas Cole and I left you cookies and a carrot for your reindeer.

It looks like you were hungry.

Also on Christmas Eve, I got to play with my cousin Emily.  Here we are practicing how we are going to sneak up on you.  Sleeping……

Santa’s here!!! Let’s get him!!

I could hardly sleep but Christmas morning finally came and I was so excited by what you gave me, Cole and my dog Molly.  Santa, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.  The Diamond Castle Barbie and Glimmer horse are the best!!!  Cole loves his toy too.  And Molly loves her treats.

I have the best Daddy too.  He helps me brush Glimmer’s mane.

I also loved the stocking stuffers you gave me.  I always wanted to paint my toenails like my Mommy.  Just look how pretty my toes are now.

I even got to open presents from my family.  I just love presents.  I can’t wait until next year.  I’m already making my list.



A Very Good Girl

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