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The Grace Cam

By Mom | January 20, 2009

For her 3rd birthday, Mommy and Daddy gave Gracie her very own pink digital camera.  It’s a sturdy camera that is supposed to be kid proof and waterproof.  I’ve gathered a few of Grace’s first photos with the camera.  After some instruction from Daddy, Grace got the hang of it.  I love to see her point of view. 

Her first photo.  Hi Daddy!

And Papa.  Whoops.  Grace is still trying to get the idea of framing shots.

One of Yaya’s garden.

Here she caught Daddy snoozing. 

A photo of her dolls.  As you can see the flash tends to be too bright.  The photos are best taken outside in the daytime.

This one she was taking of Daddy and her cousins Taylor and Carson.  However, Grace pulls the camera down too soon before the picture is taken.  Hence, the cropped heads.

And a good one of Aunt Cara and Uncle Shane. 

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One Response to “The Grace Cam”

  1. Awesome Michelle, I love that she took these pictures herself and they are her work, untouched!

    Posted by: Ceci Ybarra on January 20th, 2009 at 8:54 pm