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Belated Easter Post

By Mom | April 29, 2009

I know it’s been quite some time since Easter but I wanted to share a bit about Grace’s experience.  She was really excited about the Easter Bunny coming to her house (or Yaya’s house) and giving her and Cole a surprise.  This year she was hoping for a Thumbelina Barbie.  All those countless commercials during Dora really embedded in her brain that she wanted one. 

Easter weekend we headed down south to Fullerton.  Mommy and Daddy wanted to play tennis with Cara and Shane so we went to a sporting goods store to get our tennis rackets.  I couldn’t pass up on the pink one that’s just Grace’s size.  Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next Maria Sharapova.  Grace also loves the fact that her tennis racket is a Dora racket. 

Later on that day we got to color some eggs.  Grace doesn’t remember last year so everything is new to her.  Instead of dying the eggs in a smelly vinegar mix, she picked out a pack that allows you to paint the eggs.  Aunt Cara was nice enough to help Grace this year.

Just adding the final touches with some glitter.  In the end, all the eggs had the same blended color but it was a really pretty color and not yucky brown that ususaly turns up when you blend all the colors together.  Great job Gracie!

On Easter morning, Grace was so excited to see her Easter basket full of treats.  But her favorite one was the beloved Thumbelina Barbie.

Later on that morning the cousins came over and Grace got a nice welcome hug from Taylor.

Grace was a super egg hunter this year.  I think the practice run at school helped out a bit. 

This year, Yaya hosted the Easter brunch and she bought special prizes for the ones who found a frog and a snake hiding with the eggs.  Carson found the snake.

And Taylor found the frog.  Maybe next year Grace.

After all the family left Grace spent some time playing with her toys.  She loved the bubble wand so much that she and Daddy used up all the bubble soap in one sitting. 

Obligatory family portrait.  Dan pointed out that it’s similar to our Christmas one.  We need to come up with some new material.

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