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First Dentist Trip & Mother’s Day

By Mom | May 20, 2009


May started off not so great for Grace.  She had to go to the dentist and get a chipped tooth fixed.  A few weeks before this visit Grace went for her first check-up.  I didn’t get any photos because I was having my own anxiety issues as well.  Needless to say, Grace was a fantastic dental patient.  Her cleaning and x-rays went beautifully.  When the doctor came in to inspect her teeth he saw a chipped back tooth.  The decay was already setting in and the tooth was chipped to deep so we had to set a date for a baby route canal.  I know folks, I’m pretty disappointed in my parenting as well.  How did I not know!  She’s only 3 years old!  Anyhow, this dentist is the only pediatric dentist in Ventura and I received many recommendations to him so I trusted he would do a great job.

When the dreadful time came for her procedure I spent many days before hand explaining to Grace what was going to happen.  I told her she had to be brave and listen to Dr. Sunny and that Mommy will be right there holding her hand.  I tried my best to get some pictures of the event.  Here she is at the elevator.  The tension is building.

Waiting in the waiting room while the Motrin sets in.  Ahoy mate.

Finally it was time and they started the nitrous gas to relax her.  I didn’t really know what to expect with a gassed up child but she was super relaxed.  The only thing she said was, “My nose is the same color as my pink blankie.  So silly”.  My heart melted. 

The procedure was long but Grace was still and patient.  I think she took a nap so that helped too.  Afterwards, I promised to get her a special dress for being such a good girl.  My little Fancy Nancy with her red sparkle shoes and all.


For Mother’s Day Grace and her classmates made their mothers special vases with a picture of themselves.  Grace wanted to put flowers in it immediately.  I just love this picture.  So sweet.

She loved it too.  She couldn’t stop staring at it.

Mother’s Day weekend was spent at Yaya and Papa’s house.  They bought a blow up doggie that includes a ball pit.  Cole is digging it.  The blur in the photo is Grace jumping into it.  Little daredevil. 

Tunnel shot.

Grace is too busy right now playing computer games to say goodbye for now.

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