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Vegas Baby!

By Mom | July 1, 2009

We recently went to Las Vegas for a small family vacation.  Dan was also invited to party it up with his friends for a bachelor party.  We stayed at a great hotel provided by Dan, Marlene and Ava.  It was far enough off the strip so that we could avoid Vegas crazies but close enough for the guys to do their bachelor party activities.  Before we left for Vegas I was coaching Grace how to say “Vegas Baby!”.  She was so confused at first.  She kept asking me how come Vegas Baby doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. 

The drive there was amazingly uneventful.  I was expecting Cole and Grace to go stir crazy in the car but the drive was fast enough for them to tolerate it.  Grace had a little help from her friend Dora too.

When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by Dan, Marlene, and Ava.  The two girls were so excited to see eachother they couldn’t contain themselves.

A cute thing the girls would do was to hold hands everywhere they walked.  There was a casino close by so we ate there quite a bit.


The one thing about Vegas buffets that I did like was that the kids were free!  But we couldn’t eat buffets the entire time.  We did make it out to a restaurant where Grace thoroughly enjoyed her kids meal dessert.  Yum!

The first full day was Saturday and the guys had to do some dude stuff so the ladies and Cole ended up at the hotel pool.  Grace couldn’t wait to use her new fishy floaty.  She did so well I think her YMCA swim classes are helping her. 

The next day the daddies were back with the family and once again we hit the pool.  Grace  wanted to show Daddy how she could kick and swim without anyone holding her.

When the girls had enough of the pool we headed back to the room to relax.  But relaxing was far from their minds.  Whenever you mix two crazy girls with a big bed you get lots and lots of giggles.

Hey, where are they?

Now they are trying to pretend to hide in the corner.

During all this giggling, Daddy was still able to take a quick snooze.  Too much Vegas nightlife I guess.

Bye Vegas Baby.  Hope you find your mommy and daddy soon.  Until next time.

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