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La Habra Children’s Museum & Crystal Cove

By Mom | July 8, 2009

Wow!  I’m way behind on blogging.  I get so busy sometimes that I can’t even get the energy to blog at night anymore.  But I must keep going.  Last time I left off I talked about our Vegas trip.  After we left Vegas we headed back to Fullerton to spend some time with Yaya and Papa.  We had some fun activities planned for the rest of the week.

We started out by going to the La Habra Children’s Museum.  Dan recalled going there when he was little and Yaya suggested we take Grace and Cole to explore the new exhibits they had available.

Grace and Daddy are digging up bones and artifacts.  What great archeologists!

Vroom, vroom.  Filler up.  Finally Grace gets to drive the Green n’ Clean car.

In the next room was a mini-carousel and grocery store.  Grace is already a pro at shopping.

Don’t look so excited Grace.  The carousel was moving pretty slow.

The next room we went into was a big play room with a tree house.  Grace was playing in the nursery for a while changing her baby’s diapers.

It’s puppet show theater time!

Another room had a big stage and dress up clothes where the kids can put on a show.  Gracie found the best dress that spins!  What a beautiful Minnie Mouse!

In the older section of the museum, the section that Daddy remembers, there was a train display.

But the creepiest oldest part of the museum seemed to be this room.  A room full of dead stuffed animals.  Grace was certainly hesitant at first.

Eventually, she warmed up and even petted one.



Another great idea from Yaya was to visit Crystal Cove in Corona Del Mar.  It’s a cool beach community that rents out beach houses and I think you can camp there too.  We went down for the morning to have breakfast.

After breakfast we headed for the beach and tide pools.  Grace couldn’t help getting into the sand the moment we got onto the beach.

Ciao Baby!

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