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Father’s Day

By Mom | July 9, 2009

We celebrated Father’s Day together with family at cousin Emily’s new house.  All the kids could think about was pool, pool, pool.  For father’s day, daddy received a cool summer hat to sport around town.  Here he is wearing his new gift next to his father.

After lots of begging and pleading the kids got to go swimming.  They quickly changed into their swimsuits and dashed into the pool. 

But before that, the pool guy had to clean it up a bit.  To remove some bugs and stuff.

Emily had a huge blow up dog that Grace enjoyed riding around.

Cole is still learning to love the water.  He was busy playing with cousin Madeline to care about the pool.

But eventually, he got to swim with the big kids.  With the help from the pool guy, I mean, Deadwood, I mean Daddy.

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One Response to “Father’s Day”

  1. the pool man photo reminds of an 80’s movie you rent that is usually kept in a small room behind a beaded curtain.

    Posted by: dan on July 9th, 2009 at 8:59 am