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Frog and Mermaid

By Mom | July 22, 2009

Grace and I have a great time doing arts and crafts.  I try to have at least one activity planned each week for her to do during the days she is at home with me.

Last week we went to Barnes and Noble for storytelling time for toddlers.  The author of a book about frogs was there to read his book to the kids.  Grace did her best to sit still and managed to get through the whole story.  Afterwards, she did a frog craft there at the store.

Cole was there too and he tried his hardest to help Sissy with her project.

All done.  What a cute frog.

At home, we also made a project.  I get some ideas from various websites and this time it was a mermaid project.  First you color it.

Then sprinkle a little glitter onto some glue.

Then cut out the mermaid and cut some yarn for hair.

Then you glue the hair to the mermaid.

Last step is to glue a stick or straw to the back to make the puppet.  Voila! A glittery, red headed mermaid.

Grace also couldn’t resist making her own puppet.  She traced her hand and cut it out.

And glued it to a straw.  Voila! A hand puppet.  Or a fly swatter.  Or a back scratcher.  It’s three in one!

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