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Two Birthday Parties in One Day

By Mom | August 25, 2009

Grace gets invited to quite a few birthday parties now that she is in preschool.  And for some reason, Mommy insists on going to all of them.  I just love watching Grace have fun with her classmates.  This particular weekend was also Aunt Cara’s MBA graduation so Daddy went to that while I took the kids to the first of two birthday parties.  The first one was for Charlie’s 4th birthday held at the Clubhouse Fun Zone in Ventura.  I’ve taken the kids there before while I was trying out mommy groups.  

Both kids jumped right in and played with all the toys and play structures they had available.  Cole loves being the bus driver.

I think I have a similar picture of Grace doing the same roller coaster ride.

Here is Grace and her good friend Kyle jumping on the soft blocks.


I thought I would have a hard time taking both kids by myself but luckily Cole was totally entertained the whole time.


All the kids managed to pose for a picture.  The birthday boy, Charlie, is the one in the back left.


After Charlie’s party we waited and rested for Daddy to get back from the graduation.  When Daddy arrived Grace was ready for party #2, Matheus’ 3rd birthday.  We arrived just in time for the pinata…..

And cake.  Perfect timing.

Whew!  What a day!  We were all pretty tired but Grace couldn’t help clowning around with all her goody bag goodies.   

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