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Ventura County Fair

By Mom | August 30, 2009

It’s August and that means it’s fair time.  We were excited to take Grace and Cole to the fair for some crazy fair food and to see lots of stinky farm animals.

After a quick bite we took the kids to the petting zoo.  I thought Grace would have enjoyed petting the cute cuddly animals.  However, Grace was not sure about these particular farm animals.  She heard about their dress eating ways from her friend Ava’s blog.  Cole didn’t mind so much.

As you can see, her uneasiness escalated to a piercing screech.  We had to take her out before we startled the animals too much.

Mommy and Daddy made it up to her by buying ride tickets.  First up, choo choo train ride with Daddy.

Then it was the crazy fun house with Mommy.  The mirror maze was fun.  Grace only bumped into the wall once.

Ahh!  I see four Gracies.

There were also silly mirrors with a grand finale of a super fast slide down to the bottom.

Grace also got to ride a police helicopter with Mommy.  She got to steer the ride up and down.

Soon it was time to go home.  We were all stuffed from eating funnel cake.  But not too stuffed for cotton candy!

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