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Grace and Diego Sitting in a Tree

By Mom | September 23, 2009

Over Labor Day weekend Grace got to hang our with her buddy Diego.  Diego is our friends Sal and Cynthia’s son who came to visit Ventura for the weekend.  We started out at the Ventura Beach park.  Normally when Grace plays with Diego, Ava is also there.  But this time Ava was spending time with her new baby sister and couldn’t make the beach park.

Grace hardly ever plays with boys these days.  She avoids them like the plague at other parks and won’t sit by them to eat breakfast at school.  She’ll actually skip breakfast if there are only boys at the table.  But Diego is a charmer and managed to get Grace to play with him.  See Grace, boys are nice too.

Grace had so much fun with Diego that she gave him a lift in her double stroller to his car.

Later that night we headed to Rodrigo’s place for a BBQ.  This time Ava was there!  What a surprise!

Grace and Ava were back to ignoring the poor boys Diego and Cole.  Girls rule!

By the time bedtime came around, we managed to put both Grace and Cole down to bed upstairs.  Grace was excited to sleep in her sleeping bag.  Diego also slept over.  And Tri Tip the dog made sure he was nice and cozy.

The next morning we met up for breakfast with Diego.  But things weren’t all hugs and giggles.  Grace is trying to pretend the previous day didn’t happen.  Awkward!

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