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Back to School

By Mom | September 26, 2009

Summer is officially over and Grace’s preschool started a new school year.  She started in a new class, a pre-kindergarten class.  I think she’ll be in this class for 2 years because she has a late December birthday and won’t start kindergarten until she’s almost 6.  That’s okay, she’ll be the smartest in her class!

One of her projects was to make a “Me Box”.  The teacher asked us to find pictures and things that Grace loves and put them on a shoe box.  Her box turned out great.

Grace also started a new session of swim classes.  It’s the same level as before and since her last class, she has improved a great deal.  Her teacher said she’ll definitely be ready for the next level after this one.  She loves wearing her goggles and putting her face in the water.

Go Grace Go! You can do it!

Before summer’s end we went to the park for some playhouse fun.  She was a great helper.

All set up.

Grace couldn’t resist playing a little game of frisbee.

During the week, we go to the park quite often.  It’s just nice to get outdoors and away from the TV.  This time the sprinklers went off in the middle of the day.  Nice going parks and recs.  That’s okay, the kids took advantage of this and played in the sprinklers.

One park Mom even had a slip and slide in her car.  What?  Who carries a slip and slide in their car?

Grace also got to have a playdate with her cousins Emily and Madeline.  Emily is showing us her beautiful new playroom.

Dress up is a must for these two princesses.

Au revoir mes amis!

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