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Santa Barbara Zoo

By Mom | December 9, 2009

Whoops! Where did the time go? It’s December already?! What happened to November? It was a busy month because we had Thanksgiving and Aunt Cara’s wedding to keep us busy. Sorry that it’s been a month since I’ve posted. I’m a busy momma.

Anyhow, last month we took the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was Grace’s second time there and Cole’s first. Santa Barbara Zoo is a great zoo to take kids because it’s small enough to get through the place in about 2 hours.  Grace had a great time because her friend Ava was there too with her family.

Daddy is showing Cole the cool pink flamingos.

The kids liked all the animals the zoo had to offer but their favorite part was not the animals but the play area.  There was a cool little grass hill where kids used card board to slide down.

I tried to convince Cole to go down the hill but no success.

Grace liked to climb the statues as well.  Ava is a little upset that Grace is not being a good sharer today.

If you’ve ever been to the Santa Barbara Zoo, you know that there was a famous crooked neck giraffe there named Gemina. This picture was taken during our first trip with Grace when she was Cole’s age.

Unfortunately, she died last year so the kids didn’t get to see her. However, we got to watch Marlene and Ava feed the other hungry giraffes.

Grace wanted to stay there with the animals. But it was time to go.

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