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My Little Flower Girl

By Mom | December 23, 2009

We finally uploaded pictures from Thanksgiving weekend that includes Thanksgiving and Shane and Cara’s wedding.  We forgot our camera that weekend but luckily Yaya had hers available for us to use.  Which also explains the delay in uploading the pictures to Flickr.  Anyhow, it was a huge weekend for all of us.  Dan and I both were part of the wedding party and Grace was their special flower girl.  Grace was giddy with excitement all weekend long.

She was even practicing her poses.
Nov2009 007

Thanksgiving was kind of a blur so the pictures were kind of blah.  However, we did manage to get some family shots. After all, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have and that includes your family.

Nov2009 018

The ladies.
Nov2009 023

And the dudes.
Nov2009 025

Cole spent most of the evening behind this plant.
Nov2009 030

While Shane and Cara taught Grace how to jump rope.
Nov2009 033

The next day was the rehearsal before the wedding. The wedding ceremony was to take place in a beautiful catholic church in Santa Monica. There was no flash photography allowed so most of the pictures were blurry.  Afterwards, we headed to a seafood restaurant for the luncheon. Cara let Grace wear her special bride Mickey ears.
Nov2009 091

Cara also gave Gracie a book called “10 Best Things About Being a Flower Girl”.
Nov2009 104

After lunch, we checked into our hotel room at the Marriott in Marina Del Rey. It was a beautiful hotel where the reception was being held. Grace and I hurried over to the nail salon where we were going to meet the other ladies for some pampering. I promised Grace she could get her nails done. She was sooooo happy. She even had a little flower on her two thumbs.
Nov2009 114

The next day was the big day! We woke up bright and early to head over to the bridal suite were all the ladies were getting their hair and makeup done. And guess who was also so excited to get her hair done?
Nov2009 149

She waited for 4 long hours before it was her turn. She didn’t cry or whine either. I couldn’t believe how patient Grace was.  But finally it was her turn.
Nov2009 165

Here’s Grace’s aunt Cara (the beautiful bride).
Nov2009 175

Because both Dan and I were in the wedding and I was a little worried about Cole and how he was doing, our picture taking that night was very limited. Most of the pictures are from the professional photographer, especially of the ceremony. But here’s a picture of the happy couple.
Nov2009 184
Grace was a beautiful flower girl. And she did her part so well. Here is a picture at the reception of her beautiful hair.
Nov2009 196

She was so excited to see her friend Ava at the wedding.
Nov2009 201

My mom and two nieces were there as well to help with the caring of Cole.
Nov2009 206

When the music started Grace and the rest of the kids couldn’t wait to boogie down.
Nov2009 211

She did take a break however to drink some bubbly (apple cider).
Nov2009 219

But then it was time for more dancing.
Nov2009 215

Grace danced and danced and danced all night long. She probably had dreams of dancing. For Grace, it was the best night ever!
Nov2009 232

Wow! That was a long post. So sorry. But thanks for sticking around to the end. Ho ho ho! I see sugar plum fairies in our future.

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