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Disneyland Part Deux

By Mom | December 30, 2009

One the 1st of December we went to Disneyland with the family. This was Grace’s second time there. Last time we took her she was barely two and didn’t remember a thing. This time around was like a whole new experience for her. And boy did she love it.

Disneyland during the holiday season is a great time to go. Short lines, cool weather, and xmas decorations galore! Grace looked very festive with her Christmas Minnie Mouse ears.
Nov2009 235

As part of our Christmas gifts from Dan’s parents, they bought us all annual passes. We’re waiting in line to get our pictures taken.  Yes, I’m wearing my Mickey t-shirt again.  And I will wear it every time I go to D-Land!
Nov2009 251

Grace’s very first ID card.
Nov2009 252

We went on a ton of rides as a family including Dumbo.
Nov2009 270

Small World.
Nov2009 273

Grace and Papa were locked in the slammer in Toon Town.
Nov2009 283

We couldn’t miss a tour of Minnie’s house with Minnie herself there to greet us.
Nov2009 288

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the cutest little girl of them all?
Nov2009 300

After lots more rides, we waited around for the parade. Grace had a perfect view thanks to Daddy.
Nov2009 320

After the parade we had some yummy clam chowder for dinner. We were hoping to hit more adult rides like Pirates and Haunted Mansion but Grace was too tired to go on. Thank goodness for those awesome passes. We can come back anytime. Luckily though as we were leaving they lit up the castle lights.
Nov2009 366

Bye Disneyland. For now.
Nov2009 371

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