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Fuzzy the Bear

By Mom | March 1, 2010

For Grace’s birthday she received a Build-A-Bear gift card.  We recently took her to find and build her very own stuffed bear.

After looking at their huge selection of animals, she picked this fuzzy pink bear. But it still needed to be stuffed.

Off to the stuffing station. There she helped the worker stuff the bear by pushing the machine’s pedal.

The bear needs a heart so Grace kisses it for luck and lots of love.

The bear was all stuffed but needed a bath.

After searching through many many bear outfits, Grace found one that was just right. Here she is dressing her bear in the dressing room.

This outfit is looking cuter and cuter.

After we dressed her we took her to the computer to name her and print out her birth certificate. Introducing Fuzzy the Bear.

Fuzzy even has her very own house.

Oh, and Grace wanted to show you that Fuzzy has panties with a hole for her tail and her beautiful silver shoes. Ta Ta for now.

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One Response to “Fuzzy the Bear”

  1. good choice grace! i would have picked that pink bear too. now off to re-read this post for the 129th time.

    Posted by: ava on March 2nd, 2010 at 2:30 pm