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You are Sweet, Valentine

By Mom | March 8, 2010

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day was last month.  Grace didn’t really understand the concept that it’s a made-up holiday named after a Saint that no one really knows much about but who cares.  You get lots of hearts, candy, and love.

She was really looking forward to making her friends at school Valentine cards.  She’s still in love with Scooby Doo so Scooby valentines it was.
Feb2010 149

She did most of the work including writing her name.
Feb2010 146

At her school they had their Valentine’s party the Friday before. Grace got to stay at school a little later that day and take a nap there so she could attend the party. They always include Cole too which I think is very thoughtful.
Feb2010 177

The kids are enjoying all their treats.
Feb2010 181

On Valentine’s Day, the kids woke up to their special surpises. Grace just loves her candy lipstick.
Feb2010 235

It was such a beautiful day that day so we knew we had to go for a walk at the beach.
Feb2010 253

During our walk along the pier I told Grace that we would be walking over the ocean. She couldn’t stop staring down between the planks.
Feb2010 257

Eventually she got the nerve to peek over the side to see the water.
Feb2010 262

You are sweet, Valentine.
Feb2010 159

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