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Kiss Me I’m 1/16th Irish

By Mom | May 2, 2010

Last month Grace’s school had a St. Patty’s Day party for the kids. It was also a classmate’s birthday so her parents had a birthday party there too. What a great idea. I just might do that for Grace this year.

Grace took a picture with some of her classmates, including the birthday girl.
March2010 391

They first sat down for the party snacks including lots of green goodies.
March2010 403

Then more pictures with friends. This time it was girls only.
March2010 413

After the food, it was time for the pinata. Mr. Ben gathered all the kids to explain the rules of hitting the pinata.
March2010 419

Each kid waited patiently for their name to be called out for their turn at the pinata.
March2010 422

Finally it was Grace’s turn. She’s finally gotten over her fear of hitting pinatas. Not sure why, but before she wouldn’t come near the things. I guess she doesn’t like being center of attention like her Mommy.
March2010 427

Why is Cole so sad?
March2010 436

Because he couldn’t partake in the jump house fun. There were so many kids in that thing I was afraid for his life.
March2010 448

All that jumping made Grace super thirsty. Time for a water break. See ya!
March2010 386

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