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Easter Egg Hunt and Princess Dresses

By Mom | May 20, 2010

Hey Grace! Cole told me what he got from the Easter bunny. What did he bring you this year? Awesome, a hula hoop. That Easter bunny sure knows his stuff.
MarchApril2010 235

Papa and Yaya are pretty good too when it comes to gifts. That Scooby Doo lunch box is groovy.
MarchApril2010 240

Grace looked so beautiful this year in her princess Easter dress.  When she spotted it at Target she just knew it was “The One”.  I guess my days of picking out her outfits are long gone.  Luckily for me she picked a gorgeous dress perfect for a princess. (By the way, I don’t ask her to pose like this. It’s all her.)
MarchApril2010 248

At the party, all the kids gathered around the gigantic chocolate bunny Carson had won from a raffle. They were all calling dibs on what body part they wanted.
MarchApril2010 264

Finally the egg hunt. Grace did a great job searching for eggs. She’s still a little too polite when it came to competing with her cousins. She wasn’t very aggressive. Luckily, we cap the number of eggs each kid can get and when they find their allotted amount, they can help the other cousins with theirs. There’s lots of team work.
MarchApril2010 289

Find those eggs Grace and Emily!
MarchApril2010 303

I see a long friendship with these two. They are like two peas in a pod.
MarchApril2010 329

After the egg hunt the kids got to open the gifts from the family. As usual, it’s like Christmas in April.
MarchApril2010 324

It was a long day. Grace is already busy daydreaming about next year.
MarchApril2010 346

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