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June 2010

By Mom | September 8, 2010

Gracie had a fun start to her summer vacation. Like her brother Cole, she got to attend her cousin Madeline’s birthday party. She had a cute puppy dog theme including a giant puppy dog jumper that Grace couldn’t wait to go crazy in.
EarlyJune2010 220

There was also a water gun game that the kids got to play. The winner was the first one to fill up the doggy water bowl.
EarlyJune2010 237

And of course the puppy pinata. Grace wasn’t shy this time. She waited patiently for her turn to whack the puppy.
EarlyJune2010 255

At the space shuttle park Grace went to her favorite play spot…..the swings.
EarlyJune2010 283

She also gathered her courage to climb the airplane wing. This can’t be safe.
EarlyJune2010 290

Where is she now?
EarlyJune2010 301

In the space shuttle!
EarlyJune2010 281

Guess who also came back from her long vacation? Grace’s best friend Ava. She was soooo excited to have a play date at the beach with her friend.
EarlyJune2010 334

Just like old times.
EarlyJune2010 348

On Father’s Day, Grace and her cousins made crafts for their daddies.
JuneJuly2010 011

She made a super cool drink koozie for her daddy.
JuneJuly2010 009

Looks like daddy loves it.
JuneJuly2010 027

After Father’s Day we were off to a small camping trip at the beach. Grace was happy to know that her friends Ava, Mila, Briar, and Eli were going to be there too. Here they are watching the waves with their floaties on. Safety first!
JuneJuly2010 069

The kids made some pretty cool structures with all the rocks there. Grace is very proud of her little city.
JuneJuly2010 086

The next day was another beach day. Looks like the kids stayed up too late the night before.
JuneJuly2010 099

The kids like the beach but not going into the water. They only like it when daddy is by there side to hold their hands.
JuneJuly2010 123

We ended June with Gracie’s Pre-K graduation. Although she has one more year before kindergarten and wasn’t actually graduating, she got to participate with the other kids. Grace was one of the first ones to come out.
JuneJuly2010 131

Here she is receiving her “diploma” from Mr. Ben.
JuneJuly2010 140

If anything, this was good practice for next year when she really graduates preschool.
JuneJuly2010 154

To save some money and to spend more time with Grace, I decided to keep her out of school for the summer. Here she is enjoying her first Monday at home with Mommy and Cole. Oh boy, we’ve got a long summer ahead of us.
JuneJuly2010 201

See you real soon!
JuneJuly2010 168

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