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Fireworks, Pools, and Gymnastics in July

By Mom | October 6, 2010

This summer I decided to take Grace out of preschool so that we could spend more time with family and save money as well. Grace was excited to start off her summer vacation with Independence Day. We invited some family and friends over for a bbq at our house. Grace knows how to party!
JuneJuly2010 261

So does her brother Cole.
JuneJuly2010 256

July 4th also happens to be Uncle Shane’s birthday. Aunt Cara made him a special cake to celebrate.
JuneJuly2010 252

Finally it was time for some fireworks. Those kids waited so long. Grace was ready with her fireworks gear.
JuneJuly2010 263

We walked to the college nearby to watch the show. It was a little chilly outside, can you tell? Don’t worry, that hobo was just Uncle Shane freezing to death.
JuneJuly2010 270

The kids sure enjoyed watching the firework show. But I think what they really enjoyed was just snuggling and giggling on the blanket.
JuneJuly2010 283

July was also when Cole turned the big 2. We celebrated it in Orange County with Grace’s grandparents, Papa and Yaya. We spent the time before the party just hanging out. Grace and Cole love to visit their great-grandma Dorothy because she has bunnies hopping around outside. Cole is searching hard for one.
JuneJuly2010 345

It also happened to be one of the hottest weekends in July so we ate dinner outdoors under shade a lot. It was probably cooler in the air conditioned house but Grace wanted to eat outside.
JuneJuly2010 325

We also went to the Fullerton farmer’s market where Grace got her face painted. What a pretty butterfly!
JuneJuly2010 353

There was also a pony ride. Grace couldn’t pass this up.
JuneJuly2010 354

We also visited Grace’s grandma Minnie and her cousin Navaeh. They moved to a new house that has a pool so the kids had a blast splashing around. Good thing because it was over 100 degrees out that day. Yikes!
JuneJuly2010 374

Cole only wanted Mommy to swim with him. Silly little boy.
JuneJuly2010 361

During another visit to Fullerton Grace and Cole got to try out Cole’s new Buzz Lightyear sprinkler. 5,4,3,2,1……
August2010 002

Blast off!
August2010 004

As if this post wasn’t long enough, I must tell you about Grace’s gymnastics class. She started a class with her friend Ava. They both have matching leotards. Too cute.
August2010 016

Grace looked forward to this class each week. They did different things every time. Like backbends. (Sorry, dark photo, crappy camera)
August2010 024

And testing their arm strength.
August2010 036

And crab walks.
August2010 033

Cole and baby Mila hung out on the sidelines getting into everything.
August2010 022

Well, we’re all exhausted from this busy month. Time to relax in our overgrown backyard. Would it kill you Dan to mow the lawn once in a while! 😉
August2010 049

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