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Spooky Fun

By Mom | November 3, 2008

Halloween is over and Grace had a fun time preparing for it.  We started out by decorating the house with spooky decor as we posted last time. 

Then we had dress rehearsal with Grace’s costume.  She picked out her costume this year and wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  She even wanted to wear the red wig. 

She loves the flowing red hair.

Say Cheese Grace….

After dress rehearsal we planned a date to bake and decorate cookies with Ava.  They really loved the frosting and sprinkles.  I think next year we will plan a less messy craft for Halloween.  The black frosting was the worst. 

Grace took a cookie break in the middle of the decorating session.

Ava thought that was a good idea too…

In addition to baking cookies we also carved out pumkins.  Daddy and Grace decorated her pumpkin with Miss Diva Potato Head accessories. 

When Halloween finally came around Grace was a pro already and knew exactly how she would approach each house.  This is the best picture I could get of the three kids right before trick or treating.

After a block or two of trick or treating the kids were tuckered out and wanted to go to bed.  Grace was a little frightened by a few houses.  Once she realized there were “creepy guys” and “spooky houses”, she wanted me to carry her most of the way even to retrieve candy.  Little stinker.  Anyhow, afterwards, she stripped down to her undies as usual and ate her first halloween candy of the night.  She couldn’t even wait to get into her jammies. 

See you next year creepy and spooky guys.

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