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Lake Piru

By Mom | May 13, 2009

A few weekends ago we went to Lake Piru for a mini camping trip.  Grace was so excited to go even though she really didn’t know what camping was.  All she knew was that she was going to use her sleeping bag finally.  Grace was also excited to go with Dan, Marlene, and Ava.

Since Lake Piru is only 30 miles away from Ventura, it took us no time to get there.  It was going to be a scorcher of a weekend so we expected to cool off by the lake.  I used to go camping with my friends when I was in junior high and high school so I knew what to expect.  But the one thing I will never get used to is how dirty camping becomes when you have kids.  And boy was it a dirt party. 

As soon as camp was set up Grace and Ava explored the camp ground.  Dirt, dirt and more dirt.

The dirt on these two girls’ faces says it all.  Why are my kids always the dirtiest of the bunch?  Here they are trying to stay out of the heat.

When the daddies finally came back with lunch and groceries we tried to salvage what little day time we had left.  We headed to the lake.  Unfortunately, the lake water level was pretty low and there was no place to really hang out except for a dried up river bed.  The kids didn’t care as long as they got to play in the dirt.

Before we headed back to camp Grace and Ava got to ride in a canoe provided by Ava’s cousin, Nathan.  They thought that ride was the coolest especially when Ava’s daddy started to sing songs from Dora to keep them from freaking out. 

On Sunday, we headed back to Ventura early because Mommy couldn’t take the dirt anymore.  I needed a shower in a bad way.  To compensate for the early departure, we set up Grace’s kiddie pool and invited Ava over to swim.  They don’t need no stinking lake.

Grace says no more camping at the Lake please.  Next time, it’s the beach!

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