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October & November 2007

By Mom | December 10, 2007

It’s been a while since our last post and Gracie has done so many fun things.  Unfortunately, Mommy is super busy with her CPA exams that she doesn’t have the time to post on a weekly or even a monthly basis.  Nevertheless, here are a few pictures to catch you up on how Grace is doing.


Grace had a blast learning about Halloween.  This year Daddy picked out the costume for her.  He just loved the his little pink Octopus.  Unfortunately, Gracie wasn’t so thrilled with it at first.  Here’s Dan (as Earl from My Name is Earl) and Grace right before she went trick or treating.

After a few houses Grace really started to enjoy getting candy from strangers!  Uh-oh, I’d better keep an eye on her.  Here she is enjoying her candy afterwards.


Grace is really starting to develop great friendships with her cousins.  Here’s Grace with her cousins at Taylor’s birthday recently.

How cute is this….

Grace is really starting to understand how to take pictures.  She has a super cute scrunchy face she does when we ask her to say “Cheese”.  Here she is with Papa at CPK.

Here’s a family portrait.  Notice how Grace has her arms around us.  Now everytime we’re at a restaurant with a booth, she wraps her arms around us and says “Cheese”.


YaYa and PaPa hosted Thanksgiving this year and once again, Grace had so much fun playing with her cousins.  She looked so adorable in her “Paris” dress.  In fact, her cousins Emily and Madeline also had the “French look” going on with their berets.  Here’s Grace trying on baby Madeline’s beret.

Here’s a picture of all the cousins and Great Grandma Esther.


Lately, Grace has been into shoes.  Whether it’s Mommy’s shoes or her own, she loves to walk up and down with them.  She has also decided that she loves dresses.  Everyday when I ask her what she wants to wear, she says “dress”.  Here are a few pictures of Grace and her unique style.

***Disclaimer: Grace chose this outfit herself.

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