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Birthday and Christmas Extravaganza

By Dad | January 7, 2008

When your dad and grandpa were born and raised in the shadow of the Matterhorn, where else could you go for your second birthday besides the magic kingdom? Not to say it wasn’t a challenge, but we all had a heap of fun. Our little wunderkind even got to ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. She was pretty stoic during the ride, but when we got off, she couldn’t stop yapping about it. It definitely made an impression. She is still saying, “Yo ho!” when the situation calls for it.

Here we are on another one of her favorite rides.

Yo, kid, I think you got it on backwards.

Because Disneyland is so ridiculously awesome, it was impossible to get Grace to take a nap. She crashed pretty hard in Grandpa’s arms at the end of the night.

If you’ve ever been around a toddler who didn’t get a good nap, you know of the wrath they are capable of unleashing. As a distraction during this near total meltdown, we stopped off at the little princess area thingy the Disney lords have set up in the park to indoctrinate little girls into their cult. Grace in her fragile state was not immune to the lure of royal accouterments. She knew exactly what she wanted after a bit of shopping and pulled the Snow White gown off the rack. Here she is modeling the outfit for us the next day. She even has matching shoes which you can’t see in the picture.

Grace got so much stuff for her birthday and Christmas, we’re going to have to build another room to store it all.

And we’ll have to build a stable. Santa brought Grace a pony for Christmas. We named it Giacomo.

Happy New Year, all o’ y’alls!

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