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Santa Ana Zoo

By Mom | March 24, 2009

Last weekend we spent some time in Fullerton for my birthday.  Grace and Cole celebrated my 33rd birthday with me and my friends with some yummy cake.  Grace couldn’t wait to eat a slice. 

The next day, we went to the Santa Ana Zoo.  It’s an adorable little children’s zoo that has a few animals, mainly monkeys.  They also have a few aussie animals, some birds, an elephant you can ride and a bird area. 

Here’s Mommy and Grace and a turtle too. 

As usual, Daddy provides us with the comic relief.

Another cool attraction at the zoo is a merry go round.  Grace picked the panda to ride with Daddy which I’m not surprised.  As you recall, she was a panda for her first Halloween. 

We had an extra ticket so she wanted to ride in the nest that spins with Mommy.  It’s similar to the tea cups at D-Land but less pukey.

Since I’m at home with Grace more I am trying to teach her the ABC’s and how to write her name.  Of course I provide her with a template of what her name looks like but I did not hold her hand with this one.  It was all Grace.

Close enough……

What is this you say?  Why it’s a cocoon?

Look!  It’s wiggling and trying to break free!

Oh look!  It’s a beautiful butterfly.  Fly little butterfly.  Fly. 


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