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Birthday Parties and More

By Mom | April 13, 2009

It’s been a fun filled packed last few weeks with Grace and Cole.  Grace was invited to two classmates’ birthday parties.  In between those parties we visited the family cabin in Idyllwild with Yaya and Papa.  So sit back, this post will be a long one. 

FYI, I’m trying to do a regular weekly post but I leave the photo uploading up to Dan and he likes to wait until the memory card is full which is about 500 pictures!  That’s why it’s been a few weeks and there are so many pictures to view on Flickr. 


Grace went to her first birthday party for her friend Jackie.  Jackie turned 4 and had a party at the Pump It Up venue.  This place allows kids to burn off some energy by jumping on inflated jumpers, sliding down a huge slide, and jousting/boxing with other kids. 

Grace wasn’t hesitant at all when we first got to the play room.  As soon as she saw her friends she went straight for the slide.  Everything went pretty smoothly until one kid slammed into Grace’s back as she was getting off the slide.  After a few moments of crying, she went back to playing.

Daddy really liked the oversized boxing gloves they had. 

After play time, the kids headed into a different room for some cake and ice cream.  Grace was so glad to see her close friend Riliey there.

Here’s Grace with the birthday girl, Jackie.  Overall, she had a great time at Pump It Up.  I think she only got hurt 3 times.  I’m surprised there weren’t more. 


Before the Idyllwild trip we managed to squeeze in a visit to my mom’s house in Moreno Valley.  Grace calls her Grandma Minnie.  She had fun playing with her cousin Navaeh in her yellow Hummer car.  However, when it came time to actually drive the car, they both were a little scared at how fast the thing drove.  Out they went.

Grace preferred the scooter than the car. 


Dan’s family has a beautiful cabin up in the mountains of Idyllwild.  This trip was the first time for both Grace and Cole.  Grace was really excited about the mountains and was hoping to see a little bit of snow.  The ride up to the mountain was a bit loopy and both Grace and Cole got a little sick.  Cole was the winner of the day and did a little pukey pukey on the way up.  Grace just moaned a bit towards the end.  When we got out of the car and took a long deep breath of the clean mountain air, we all felt a little better.  Here’s the outside of the cabin.  I love the authentic log cabin look.

The first thing she did there was explore the cabin.  She and Cole got there own room.  Grace really liked the vanity desk.  This was where she applied countless coats of her lip gloss. 

She also really liked the stairs.  She needed any reason to go upstairs to her room.  Oh, I forgot my blankie.  Whoops, I need my lip gloss.  I have to go pee pee.  You need a diaper?  I can get it.  Surprisingly, she only took one tumble down the stairs but didn’t hurt anything too bad. 

While we were there we went into town and stopped by a toy store.  Grace picked up a princess mirror to decorate yourself.  Here’s Mommy and Grace trying to glue, glitter and sticker the heck out of this mirror.

The final product.

We also went out for a small hike around the area.  There we spotted a small patch of dirty snow.  It was Grace’s first time to touch snow but of course we forgot the camera on our hike.  We also picked up some pine cones on the way back. 

Mommy had a brilliant idea to put peanut butter and bird seed on the pine cone to make a bird feeder.  However, Mommy’s idea of hanging the pine cone off the deck wasn’t so brilliant because birds do not eat while floating like humming birds.  Silly Mommy.

Bye Idyllwild.  Until next time.

On the way back Grace took a much needed snooze in the car.


The next birthday party we went to was for Grace’s friend Jeannie.  It was actually a twofer party for Jeannie and her little brother Marko.  The party was at a local park and of course a jumper was involved.  Grace’s friends Kyle and Riliey were there too.  Daddy got a good shot of them in mid jump.

These girls are too cute.

Since it was a party for two, the birthday cake decorated half in Spiderman and half in Hannah Montana.  It looks like Grace is ready to blow the candles out for Jeannie.


I’m still have a great time staying at home with Grace and Cole.  I try to take them to the park at least once a week.  This time we drove to the park and had a picnic lunch. 

While eating our lunch we noticed there was a little girl there named Jaden.  Jaden used to be in Grace’s class at Tutor Time.  They stared at eachother for a bit before I asked Jaden’s daddy if they knew eachother.  In no time they were running around the park playing with Molly.

We are also still doing arts and crafts.  Right now, the cool thing for Grace is to use the scissors.  She has her own special pair but she also likes using Mommy’s scissors that cut wavy lines.

Play dates with Ava are becoming more regular due to the dinner hosting swap us parents are doing.  As usual, the first thing the girls do is to get glammed up in their best dresses.  Too cool for school ladies.

Even though Grace is getting so big, who says she still can’t take a nice nap on Daddy’s chest?

Well, it’s time for Grace’s glamour shots.  Tata for now.

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