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Playdate Fun

By Mom | May 29, 2009

Grace and Cole are having so much fun at our playdate dinners.  There are so many kids running around.  Right now there are 3 preschoolers, 2 infants, and one on the way. 

At Matheus’ house Grace and Ava spent a lot of the time on his swing set. 

Towards the end of the evening the kids needed to burn off some energy so they played let’s run down the hill….

…and tackle Ava’s Daddy.

Another week was at Ava’s house.  There they played with the sidewalk chalk. 

Hopscotch is always a winner with kids.  They love to count.

I’m sure as we rotate around our houses a few more times the kids will start to get bored but for now they are entertained.

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