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My Family

By Mom | June 5, 2009

Hello.  My name is Grace and this is my family. 

Daddy was so kind to get me started and drew a picture of me.  Next to me is Daddy.  Daddy has crazy hair.

This is my Mommy.  She has long pretty hair.

This is my bubba Cole.  He’s so little and cute.  He doesn’t have any hair yet.

And this is my dog Molly.  She’s such a happy dog.

And finally, to complete our family here are my two cats Lola and Wookie.

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One Response to “My Family”

  1. good job grace!!! maybe you can help ava with her drawing skills. we always end up looking like ghosts!

    Posted by: marlene on June 5th, 2009 at 8:27 am