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Kid Birthday = Jolly Jumper

By Mom | June 24, 2009

Grace was looking forward to her cousin Emily and Madeline’s birthday party for quite some time.  She kept saying how much fun she was going to have swimming in Emily’s pool.  But unfortunately, due to the weather, there was no pool this time.  But that didn’t stop those crazy girls from having fun.  Can you say Princess Castle Jolly Jumper?!

Check out how high these giggly girls jump.

After all that jumping, the girls needed some fuel.

Back to playing.  Emily and Madeline have a cool sandbox.

Another break.  Now it’s time for cookie decorating!

But the highlight was the princess cake.  The princesses are doing their best waiting patiently for everyone to sing “Happy Birthday”.


Now that I’m home with the kids I can take them to visit daddy’s office more often.  Of course Grace is incredibly shy around adults she doesn’t know so the entire time we were visiting his co-workers she was burying her head in my shoulder.  Once we were done visiting Grace was back to normal and had a great time at the City Walk near daddy’s office.  Sadly, this was the only picture taken.

Later that day Grace, Cole and I spent some time in our front yard.  This was the first time Grace threw a frisbee.  What can I say, my kid is athletically inclined. 

Like Cole, Grace loves to play kick ball too.

There’s nothing more relaxing than snuggling with her stinky pinky blankie. 

Peek-a-boo!  Gotta run!

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