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Roller Skates

By Mom | January 13, 2010

For Grace’s 4th birthday she received her very first pair of roller skates.  She was pretty dead set on getting these for her birthday and not Christmas.  Yaya and Papa searched everywhere but finally found the perfect pair.

On the morning of her birthday, December 21st, Grace got to see her special gift.
GraceBdayXmas2009 238

Also for her birthday Mommy and Daddy promised to take her to the Disney Store in Downtown Disney so that she could pick out anything she wanted. To my surprise she picked out a Princess Jasmine outfit from Aladdin.
GraceBdayXmas2009 247

We couldn’t let the day go by and not sing Happy Birthday to her once more. A yummy cupcake is the perfect choice too.
GraceBdayXmas2009 240

Grace also got to spend the day baking cupcakes with Yaya and decorating them too.
GraceBdayXmas2009 256

She’s a great baker.
GraceBdayXmas2009 260

We decided to stay in Fullerton that whole week leading up to Christmas. Grace couldn’t wait to try out her new roller skates the day after she got them. But she had to put on the safety gear first. Helmet, check. Knee pads, check. Elbow pads, check. Wrist guard, check. All done.
GraceBdayXmas2009 265

Her first few moments on her skates were pretty shaky.
GraceBdayXmas2009 279

But she never gave up. She’ll be roller skating backwards to disco in no time.
GraceBdayXmas2009 292

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