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Scooby Doo Birthday Party

By Mom | January 8, 2010

Hi everyone!  I’m 4!  And to celebrate my turning 4 my Mommy and Daddy had a birthday party for me and my friends at the YMCA.  Usually I go there for swim classes or ballet class but this time it was for a party.  I got to invite my good friends and classmates too.

I finally decided that I wanted a Scooby Doo party theme this year.  I’ve been obsessed with Scooby Doo lately.  My Mom and Dad said they used to love Scooby Doo too so they were really excited to hear about my choice.  When we first got there we had to decorate.
GraceBdayXmas2009 043

My Mom worked so hard on my Scooby Snacks goody bags for my friends.
GraceBdayXmas2009 042

There was a big TV to watch, what else, a Scooby Doo movie.
GraceBdayXmas2009 046

The party area also had a huge, and I mean, huge play structure for all of us kids to run around. It had a scary dark tunnel slide that whips you out pretty fast.
GraceBdayXmas2009 060

After we played a little we finally ate some grub. Pizza pizza.
GraceBdayXmas2009 056

My Daddy went up into the structure to take some pics of us. That’s my friend Noe. All the girls in my class have a crush on him, including me.
GraceBdayXmas2009 075

The view from top.
GraceBdayXmas2009 073

My brother Cole is just a little buddy so he couldn’t play in the structure. But he had fun playing with my Scooby balloon.  Where is the balloon Cole?
GraceBdayXmas2009 077

GraceBdayXmas2009 078

That’s okay, he had fun playing on the basketball court that was located in the next room.
GraceBdayXmas2009 083

It was time for cake and all my friends and family sang Happy Birthday to me. My birthday wish already came true. I had the best birthday ever!
GraceBdayXmas2009 097

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