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By Mom | January 1, 2010

We took Grace up to the mountains to visit Ava and her family in their cabin recently.  This was Grace and Cole’s first visit to the snow.

Before hand, Grace had to test drive her snow cap and mittens to make sure they still fit.

As soon as we got there we ate a quick lunch and got the kids dressed for some snow sledding fun. After what seemed like an hour of getting dressed we finally ventured out into the snow. Thanks to Ava’s Daddy, the girls had a good hand to hold while walking on the slippery ground.
SnowVader2009 005

Dan was also the designated sledder with the kids.
SnowVader2009 008

If they weren’t sledding they were making snowmen!
SnowVader2009 040

And building up their artillery for…..
SnowVader2009 048

Snowball fights! Nicole was the target.
SnowVader2009 052

Afterwards, we headed to the park nearby. And guess who was the designated swing pusher? Thanks again Dan!
SnowVader2009 073

Apparently, Nicole is also the bus driver too.
SnowVader2009 098

The next day some more visitors came by for snow fun. It was Nicole’s nephews Briar, Eli, and Sammy. That made 7 kids! Here we are trying to get them all in a shot.
SnowVader2009 112

Time for more snow fun!
SnowVader2009 119

Who is that coming with his ninja turtle gloves? Daddy! He made it to the mountains the night before and took some time away from work to sled with the kids.
SnowVader2009 132

Grace even went on the sled by herself! What a champ!
SnowVader2009 152

More park fun. But this time we stumbled upon a deserted snowball maker. Get to work kids! We need some snowballs.
SnowVader2009 154

That’s a nice stock pile for….
SnowVader2009 157

Another snowball fight!
SnowVader2009 163

We had some pooped out kids that night. They were ready for storytime and bed without fuss.
SnowVader2009 177

Thanks Ava and family for a wonderful time!
SnowVader2009 139

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